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Prompt #089: Shameless Boyz
Title: Shameless
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy/Brian
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11 x 100
Content: Double penetration
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #089: shameless boyz. Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the preread.

Adam woke up slowly. He stretched, long and luxurious, giving a light scratch to his belly, just below the waistband of his shorts, and sending a pleased shiver through his body.

The shade underneath the umbrella was bright with the sunlight filtering through the fabric and reflecting off the flagstones. He squinted and felt around for his sunglasses, shoving them on as soon as he could.

For a couple of seconds, he couldn't see anyone around. His heart gave a heavy thump in his chest at the thought of being left alone on the terrace of this rented beach house.


Then he heard a wrecked moan, followed by a raspy extended "Fuuuuuck" that curled down his spine and licked at the base of his dick, weighting it hard and heavy. He rolled over onto his side, toward the sounds, and saw them.

Brian lay on his back. Sweat gleamed on his dark skin. His arms were flung out to the side, and he was clutching at the grass. His legs were bent at the knees, supporting Tommy.

Tommy was straddling Brian's hips, riding Brian's dick. His head thrown back, baring the length of his neck, he rose to his knees.


Tommy lifted up, until Adam could fucking see Brian's dick between Tommy's legs, until he could imagine how it was stretching Tommy's hole.

His legs splayed wide, skin prickling into goosebumps beneath his palm, Adam slid his hand down his chest and into his shorts.

Tommy slowly lowered himself down, until his ass was pressed against Brian's skin. Then he raised his eyes to look directly into Adam's and swept his tongue over his lips. Slowly, lasciviously, leaving a damp trail across his bottom lip that had Adam licking his own, chasing the taste and the feel of Tommy's tongue.


"Shameless," Adam whispered, with a meaningful glance at the few clouds and blue sky overhead.

But what he meant was heartless or thoughtless. Or maybe careless, because that's how they'd been treating his heart and what he was starting to learn was his love.

He'd watched them grow closer, make music together that wasn't Adam's, lean against each other onstage, touch and smile and tap each other's asses. This, though, was all of that and everything else that Adam had been dreading. His boys, the ones he'd known at different times in his life, getting together and leaving him behind.


"Idiot," Brian muttered. He slipped his hands between Tommy's legs and fingered the lube-slick, hot space where his and Tommy's bodies were joined.

The image swamped Adam, flooded his body with heat. His hips jerked upward, thrusting his dick into the circle of his hand.

Tommy shivered visibly and pushed down onto Brian's hand. "Oh fuck, Bri. I can't... Goddamn it. I need. So much."

That was when Brian's eyes flicked over to Adam's. "Yo, idiot. Get your ass over here."

Adam's dick twitched in his hand, his throat ached with emptiness. He all but fucking crawled over to them.


When Adam reached them, Tommy grabbed onto him and kissed him. It was a desperate, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss full of teeth and tongues, and it had Adam pressing close to Tommy and humping Brian's leg.

"Wrap it," Brian said.

With a reflexive snap of his hand, Adam almost managed to catch the lube and condom packet before they hit the ground. He missed, though, and had to stop kissing Tommy to scrabble for them.

He was rolling on the condom, lubing himself up, when Tommy curled over Brian's chest, exposing his ass, stretched and opened by Brian's dick and fingers.


Adam squeezed the base of his dick, desperately not wanting to blow his load at the sight of Tommy's hole. "Are you—"

"He needs more," Brian said. "He needs you."

He pulled Tommy's hole open a little wider, dragging a groan out of Tommy. "He needs us."

"Stop fucking wallowing in that needy shit," Tommy said, pushing back and down, taking more of Brian's dick and fingers inside himself. "And fuck me already."

"Tommy." The name was punched out of Adam's lungs, along with all of his air. He took in a long, shaky breath, and moved between Brian's legs.


It was an achingly slow slide inside Tommy, guided by Brian's fingers, and when Adam was there, when his dick was being hugged tight by Tommy's hole and Brian's dick, Adam had to hold on to Brian's legs for support.

They found a rhythm quickly, with an ease born from months (and years) of playing music together. Working to a beat that spun music out of Adam's soul, alternating long strokes and short stuttering fucks into Tommy, Adam thrust in as Brian pulled out. Never quite bottoming out.

Tommy rocked his hips, fucking himself on their dicks, taking them both.


The garden was filled with sound: the wet slap of flesh, Brian's low, growled unintelligible chanting, the words of love that Adam couldn't hold inside if he tried. And the sounds that spilled from Tommy, each one more broken than the one before.

Each one drove Adam higher and higher, tilted him off his axis, until he had to lean forward over Tommy. Bracing himself with his hands on the ground, the fingers of one hand laced with Brian's, Adam fucked hard into Tommy at the same time Brian thrust up.

Tommy's wrecked, wrung-out cry dragged Adam over into orgasm.


Afterwards, when the condoms were gone and they were all cleaned and dressed, Tommy pushed Adam onto his back and curled into his side. Brian lay down on Adam's other side. They kissed each other and kissed him, brief but affectionate brushes of their lips.

Feeling awkward, as if he were an intruder, Adam said, "I should—"

"You should stay right the fuck here." Tommy slid an arm over Adam's chest and rested his head on Adam's shoulder, pinning him.

Brian rose up on one elbow, and looked down into Adam's eyes. "Walk away now," he said, "or stay forever."


Forever. The word was an echo, a vibration that shook Adam's bones, tossed him up in the air and let him fall back down to the ground. He lay there for a second, feeling dazed.

"Just fucking say something." Tommy lifted his head. He had that look on his face, one that was achingly familiar to Adam, as if he was bracing himself for rejection.

It was the way Brian reached for Tommy, ran his fingers through Tommy's sweat-damp hair, and caressed his cheek that freed Adam's tongue.

"Shameless," he whispered, "all three of us."

And he hugged them close.

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