11 July 2013 @ 08:14 am
Prompt #090: Fair  
Title: Strawberries: Fair Or Not Fair?
Pairing/Characters: Briant/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): PG-13 (100)
Warning(s): None
Author's notes: Thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat for the edit.

Strawberries: Fair or Not Fair

Tommy strained upwards against the bonds tying him to the bed. "Fucker," he exclaimed, a puff of air huffing out in frustration, blowing the bangs of hair off his forehead.

Brian just chuckled, biting into the strawberry he was holding just out of Tommy's reach, the red juice dripping down his chin and making Tommy's mouth water.

"Want," Tommy moaned. "Not fair."

Leaning down, Brian met Tommy halfway and let him lick the juice off his chin.

"Jesus, so good," Tommy groaned.

"Want more?"


Tommy bit into the fruit offered to him, laughing when juice went everywhere. "Thank you."

The End

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