12 July 2013 @ 07:41 am
Prompt #090: Fair  
Title: Letting Go
Pairing/Characters: Brian/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): NC-17 (12 X 100)
Content(s)/Warning(s): D/s, orgasm denial
Author's notes: Many thanks to @leela_cat for the beta.

This continues from Catch Me When I Fall. You can also read the whole thing on AO3.

As Tommy comes down from his orgasm, they spend long minutes sharing lazy kisses and enjoying the moment. He’s still half lost in that dreamlike state where his only focus is every point where his and Brian’s body connect.

Long, sweet, soft touches of lips and tongue. A small pressure that will leave finger shaped bruises behind. And the hard, hot line of Brian’s dick against Tommy’s skin.

No matter how much Tommy never wants this moment to end, he can’t help but think that it isn’t fair if everything is about him.

“Please, Bri. Let me help you come?”


He nearly cringes at how needy he sounds, but Brian’s warm smile reminds him that here and now, he can be. That it’s a good thing.

“Roll over.”

Tommy obeys without thinking. Maybe it won’t always be this easy, but for now he can’t escape how right it feels. He doesn’t want to.

He’s rewarded by a kiss on the side of his neck, a hint of teeth on the bite mark Brian left earlier. Tommy sucks in a breath. His cock is already hardening again.

“You good, baby?”

Tommy smiles and let out a happy sigh.

“I’m still floating.”


There’s no other word to describe it. His thoughts have gone blissfully silent. The edges of his mind feel softer, somehow. As if all his insecurities, every little thing that usually scares the shit out of him can’t get a grip on him anymore.

Brian brushes the hair away from Tommy’s neck. “Good boy. Stay right where you are.”

It takes Tommy a minute to understand that Brian means mentally more than physically, and another to realize how good he is with that. He really doesn’t want them to be done yet and he’s clinging to this little, peaceful haven.


“Ready for more?”

The promise Tommy can hear in Brian’s words sends shivers down his back. “Yes. I’m ready.”

Slowly, Brian follows the line of Tommy’s spine with his fingers. “Spread your ass cheeks for me.”

Tommy blushes as he follows Brian’s order. The shame he expects to feel at the act is nowhere in sight, but he’s painfully aware of how open it makes him to Brian’s gaze, to Brian’s fingers, to anything and everything Brian might choose to do to him.

They agreed to take things slow, yet the ideas Tommy’s brain gives him are nowhere near that.


It’s strange, how easy it is for Tommy to hand Brian so much power over him when they’re in bed. He’s glad that he gets to mouth off as much as he wants in other moments. Being like this all the time wouldn’t be right for him, for either of them. Even though he understands this is just another side of him, it sometimes feels like it isn’t really him, not yet, not quite. He’s still trying to find his way through their relationship, and the whole thing is so new and different that finding his footing can be hard.


“Don’t move.”

The reminder freezes Tommy into place. It shouldn’t be possible for him to get so hard that soon after his first orgasm, but here he is.

A kiss on Tommy’s lower back is all the warning he gets before Brian is on him again, licking and sucking his way into Tommy’s ass.

Tommy can’t help but try and spread himself wider as he does his best to relax his muscles until Brian can lick deep inside, driving Tommy a little more out of his mind with every touch of his tongue.

Until it all feels like a tease.


As awesome as it feels, there’s no way Tommy can come only from this. He’s flat on his stomach on the bed, his dick held captive under his body, without any way for him to get the friction he needs.

Desire curls down in his spine every time Brian licks, sucks, and bites. Tiny, tiny bites that shock Tommy over and over and that only succeed in making him want more.

Until he’s about to reach his limit and words spill out without him having any control over them, a mix of Brian’s name and “fuck” and “more” and “please.”


Tommy expects, wants, needs Brian’s fingers in his ass, making him ready for Brian’s cock. As amazing as everything else can be, there’s been no actual, cock-in-ass fucking since they started the whole power exchange thing, and Tommy misses it so much he can practically taste it.

Instead, Brian makes Tommy loosen his grip on his ass and brings his hands at his sides, keeping them there. Seconds later, Brian rests on top of Tommy and uses his weight to keep Tommy flat on the bed, fitting his cock into the crack of Tommy’s ass. Only his hips are moving.


It feels oddly sensual, but it’s nowhere near what Tommy needs.

“More, dammit. Please.” The plea comes out as an afterthought, nearly a whine.

Brian chuckles in Tommy’s ear. “If you can come like this,” he rocks his hips, “just like this,” and again, the fucking tease, “before I do, go ahead. If you can’t,” Brian holds Tommy down against the bed, “you’re waiting until tonight.”

Tommy groans into the pillow. “Not fair.” He can barely put a sentence together. “Can’t. Not that fast.”

After a soft kiss on Tommy’s neck, Brian drops his voice to a whisper. “I know.”


“Fucking tease,” Tommy bites out, feeling like he could scream in frustration.

Brian’s laugh is low and wicked. “You’d better get used to it.”

Brian thrusts again, making sure that he gets the friction he needs but Tommy can’t.

“Not. Fair.”

“Poor baby.”

Tommy has to hold in a whimper at the hint of mockery in Brian’s voice. He shouldn’t be enjoying it that much.

“Tell me the idea didn’t make you harder. If you can, without lying, maybe I’ll change my mind.”

Tommy can’t. He’s tempted to try but it would be a lie, and they both know it.


“More, please…”

“No.” Brian stops moving and lets his whole body cover Tommy. “We’re going at my pace. And right now, what I want is to come all over you. Just because you’re mine.”

The words hit Tommy just right and he falls, again, toward the abyss that seemed so very tempting earlier. He lets Brian’s weight push him down onto the bed and hides his face in the pillow. Brian’s words, the way he holds Tommy down, his refusal to allow Tommy to come, every little thing is a reminder that, here and now, nothing is under Tommy’s control.


It’s fucking scary but it feels so right. As if the world went wide open in front of Tommy’s eyes, showing him this space where he can just be.

His grip on reality slips from his fingers, and he lets Brian take him wherever he wants.

Everything fades around Tommy. Everything but Brian’s hands on him, the slow rocking of Brian’s hips, Brian’s cock against his ass, and the words Brian whispers in his ear. Words like “pretty” and “perfect” and “mine”.

Time seems to slow down until nothing exists but this moment and them, together, and Tommy drifts away.