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Prompt #096: Earth
Title: Finding His Ground
Pairing/Characters: Brian/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): PG-13 (18 X 100)
Contents/Warning(s): D/s, spanking, hand feeding
Author's notes: Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the beta.

This continues from Opening His Eyes Underwater. You can also read the whole thing on AO3.

The hint of a sunray on Tommy’s nose has him pulling the comforter over his head. It’s far too fucking early to be awake, even though the sunlight flooding Brian’s room is doing its best to convince him of the opposite.

“I’m guessing you’re awake already?” Brian’s voice is muffled by the comforter and Tommy can’t see his face, but he’d bet anything that Brian’s laughing at him.

Tommy brings down the bedcover just long enough to glare. “I wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for your sorry excuse for a curtain.”

Brian doesn’t even try to hold in his laughter.


Tommy’s glare turns murderous as he disappears under the covers again, turning his back to Brian and mumbling about how his own room at least has real curtains, not some flimsy shit.

Still laughing, Brian fits his chest to Tommy’s back. “Maybe, but your place comes along with roommates. You know exactly why it’s not such a great idea to spend the night there now.”

Tommy pouts. Yes, he doesn’t need an explanation, but that doesn’t make him any less grumpy about being woken up this early.

“Enough. Since you’re awake, stop pouting and come help me fix some breakfast.”


Tommy isn’t a fan of food in the morning. He still pulls the comforter down enough to show his face again as he asks, hopeful, “Coffee?”

Brian chuckles. “Yes, coffee too. Come on, boy, get your ass out of bed.”

It’s the slap to his ass that finally gets Tommy moving. He hunts around the room for his clothes, fucking finally gets his hands on his boxers but his shirt is nowhere in sight.

Grumbling, Tommy’s ready to start searching again.

“Leave the shirt.”

That gets his attention. He follows Brian to the kitchen, hyperaware of his state of undress.


Minutes later, the coffee’s dripping and Tommy’s salivating at the smell. Instead of starting on breakfast, though, Brian steers Tommy to the living room with a hand on the small of his back, sits on the couch and turns Tommy over his knee.

“What’s this for?”

Brian keeps Tommy in place with a firm hand on the back of his neck and an arm on his lower back.

“This is for being a little shit all morning. I’ve had more than enough of your attitude.”

Tommy risks a glance at Brian. It only tells him that Brian’s very fucking serious.


“I didn’t mean to—”

“Yes, you did, Tommy Joe,” Brian interrupts him. “We both know you did.”

Tommy can’t really deny that Brian’s right, but he opens his mouth to argue anyway.

“And I’m adding one stroke to your count every time you try to talk your way out of this.”

Brian arches an eyebrow, obviously waiting. Tommy doesn’t add a word.

“Wise choice.” Brian trails a hand from Tommy’s back to his ass, making him shiver. “So we’re up to sixteen. Count them out, boy.”

Even though Tommy knows he shouldn’t, he can’t help but say, “You’re mean.”


Brian chuckles. “No. If I wanted to be mean, I’d tell you that every time you lose your count, we’re starting over.”

Tommy’s whole body goes rigid.

“But I won’t. Not this time.” Slowly, Brian pulls Tommy’s boxers down to his knees. “And that brings us to seventeen. Anything else you want to say?”

Shaking his head, Tommy makes the gesture of zipping his lips.

The first slap hurts a lot more than he expected. So much, in fact, that Brian has to remind him, “I said, count them out.”

“One,” Tommy says through gritted teeth, with “two” close behind.


This is nothing like the playful spankings they’ve experimented with. Brian is barely holding back his strength, and without the added bonus of a good warm-up, every single hit hurts like a motherfucker.

Tommy tries to hold on, but by the time they reach the halfway point, the fight goes out of him and he goes lax over Brian’s knee. “Eight” is just above a whisper.

“Nine” needs a reminder of, “Count them out, Tommy,” and one more hit before Tommy finally says it.

“Ten” knocks the breath out of Tommy. He closes his eyes to hold in his tears.


“Eleven-twelve-thirteen” follow each other so closely that there’s barely a break between them.

Tommy’s voice breaks on “fourteen.”

“Fifteen” comes out with a full-body sob.

At “sixteen,” tears run down his face.

“Seventeen” is a desperate cry as the last hit turns him into a wrecked mess, sobbing in pain and embarrassment at the knowledge that he brought this on himself.

Without a word, Brian pushes himself back on the couch and gathers Tommy in his arms, cradling him into his lap, rubbing slow circles over Tommy’s back.

When he finally gets himself back under control, Tommy whispers, “I’m sorry.”


“No need to be.” Brian presses a soft kiss against Tommy’s hair. “But there’s a limit to the amount of mouthing off I’m willing to take from you. You know that.”

“Don’t expect too much out of me when I haven’t had coffee,” Tommy teases. His ass hurts like hell, and he knows he’ll be warm for hours. Yet he’s already smiling a little.

With a laugh, Brian pulls him closer. “How are you feeling?”

Tommy has to really think about it before he says, “I’m good. Like, looser in my skin, feeling lighter. Fuck if I know why, though.”


There’s another soft kiss on his head. “Sometimes there’s a world between what you want and what you need. You have to trust me to know the difference.” Brian shrugs. “Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll always get it right, but I’m trying.”

Tommy nods. There’s still a part of him rebelling at the idea of needing this, any of it, but he can’t deny how rooted to the earth he feels, like he’s standing stronger on his own two feet because of it. “I think you were right, this time.”

“Glad to know it,” Brian says, low and pleased.


They stay like this for a couple more minutes, just breathing and being, until Brian asks, “Ready for breakfast? Coffee should still be good, too.”

Tommy makes a face at that. Fresh coffee is hard to beat, and after this plus the time it will take them to make breakfast, the coffee will be at the point where it doesn’t even feel tempting. And considering how easy it would be to make a fresh pot, no way is Brian going to bend the damn food first rule just so Tommy can enjoy his first morning coffee sooner.

“Yeah, I’m good.”


Yet, beyond a longing look at the cooling pot of coffee, Tommy doesn’t even ask. He’s perfectly aware that he’ll be getting his coffee – fresh coffee – as soon as he’s eaten something and he can wait. More than that, he wants to wait, wants to be good. It’s as if the constant reminder of his very sore ass is enough to make things easier, to put all the pieces in the right place in his mind without any effort on his part. He’s well aware that he won’t get his way, and for once, he doesn’t even need to try.


By the time they make their way back to the living room with food and coffee, Tommy’s stomach is rumbling with hunger. He has to admit there is a good side to not being allowed coffee before food: it’s impossible for him to forget he’s hungry because he already feels full from the coffee.

One look at the way Brian has set up things makes him frown. From his spot on the couch, he can’t even reach his plate.

“You know, eating would be a lot easier if I…” He trails off as Brian presses a strawberry against his lips.


Tommy lets out a very soft, “oh,” before taking a bite. Flavor bursts on his tongue and he can’t resist licking the juice off of Brian’s fingers.

“You were saying?” Brian asks with a teasing smile as he grabs a piece of melon for himself, before bringing another to Tommy’s mouth.

Brian keeps feeding them both, alternating between himself and Tommy. Slowly, Tommy realizes that this isn’t a prelude to anything else. It doesn’t need to be. It’s just another way for them to be together, another way for Brian to take care of him. He’s strangely okay with that.


That night, the long, hot shower feels like heaven. It’s the hardest thing in the world to stay immobile and silent, his fingers holding onto the bar like his life depends on it.

Waiting while Brian thoroughly washes him, avoiding his dick and pushing soapy fingers into his ass, is pure torture and leaves Tommy hard as a rock once they’re done.

After drying them both, Brian gives him a gentle kiss. “Wait for me in the bedroom.”

When he gets to Brian’s room, Tommy hesitates briefly about how and where he should be, but his uncertainty doesn’t last long.


He’s so far gone that it’s the most natural thing in the world to drop to his knees beside the bed.

He feels Brian’s presence behind him long before he hears his voice.

“Gorgeous.” The praise makes Tommy blush.

Seconds later, Brian is circling him. Brian’s foot on the inside of his knees makes him spread his legs a little wider, then he feels Brian’s hand on the back of his neck. Without thinking, he follows the pressure, bowing his head. “Keep your eyes on the ground.”

The pressure on his head turns into a gentle caress in his hair.


“When you’re here waiting for me, unless I tell you otherwise, this is how I want you. Understood?”

“Yes, Brian.”

Rituals, each and every single one of them, all designed to keep his feet firmly on the ground. Constant reminders of what they are to each other.

Every step forward grounds Tommy a little more, giving him exactly what he needs; something like a living wire between them, making them hyperaware of the other, every moment of every day.

It’s clear that his fears, his insecurities won’t disappear that easily. However, Tommy knows that he isn’t far from the truth.


This, between them, could be as easy as making music together.

Maybe they need to take things slow, but he thinks they will be a lot closer to what this could be by the time they meet up with Adam and the rest of the band again.

He’s also very aware that, whenever the path in front of him gets blurry, he’ll never have to find the right way on his own. Brian will be there to help him.

So that, even in the madness of touring, Tommy will always have the safe haven only Brian can create for him.
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