24 August 2013 @ 08:37 pm
Prompt #096: Earth  
Title: Earth Signs
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15x100
Content/Warning(s): D/s
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #096: earth. Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the preread.

Adam's sitting cross-legged on the lawn when Tommy shuffles out the back door.

Tommy's clearly just woken up. His hair is sticking out in all directions like a cross between baby bird fluff and mad punk rocker. He's wearing an old t-shirt that's so faded and torn Adam wouldn't know which band's logo was on the front if Tommy hadn't told him.

"Outside?" Tommy yawns widely. "It's fucking," he squints at the sky and scratches his belly, "not-morning?"

For a brief moment, Adam hates himself for thinking that's cute. He's sure he used to have more upscale taste in guys.

The bitch of it is that Adam doesn't care. He's been told that Tommy's weird and often difficult, but all Adam can see is his gorgeous boy who drops to his knees without grace or style and submits as if he was born to it. What can possibly be wrong with that?


Patting the grass next to him, Adam says, "Come here."

It's not really an order, but Tommy reacts as if it were. He inhales sharply, blinking himself awake, and heads for the spot Adam indicated. Falling down in a mostly uncoordinated sprawl, Tommy rolls to his knees.

Head down, hands flat on his thighs, back straight, Tommy takes Adam's breath away.

Adam curls his hand around the back of Tommy's neck and squeezes lightly.

"Coffee?" Adam asks.

Tommy's response is somewhere between a sigh and a moan that turns into a yawned, "Fuck yes," with a belated, "please," tacked on a half-second too late.

Adam lets it go. This is about his need to take care of Tommy, thanking him for just being there, and not getting all fucked off when Adam takes off to do his thing with other musicians. Adam will never underestimate that again.

Leaving his hand on the back of Tommy's neck, Adam picks up one of the travel mugs at his side. Pressing on the button, he raises it to Tommy's mouth.

Tommy looks up at him and raises his head. At the first mouthful, his expression turns ecstatic and greedy. After the third mouthful, when Adam pulls the mug away, Tommy licks his lips, making them damp and shiny, and his muscles tense with the effort not to chase after more coffee.

It makes Adam smile and want to press Tommy down to the ground and reward him for the effort.

Instead Adam puts down the mug and offers Tommy a bite-size square of pumpernickel with cream cheese and lox. "All the way from New York," he says.

This time Tommy's moan is wicked, and his murmured, "Thank you," is clearly designed to wrap itself around Adam's dick.

Adam rewards him with cantaloupe that's so ripe that juice drips down Tommy's chin. He rewards himself with permission to lick the trail clean.

There's sweetness and the rough tickle of stubble against Adam's tongue. So good that he licks again and again, chasing the sensations all the way up to Tommy's lips.

When Adam pulls away, Tommy leans a fraction of an inch closer before straightening up again.

"Bad boy," Adam says, his lips twitching with the urge to smile.

Tommy gives him a look filled with mischief and says, "Haven't had enough coffee to even think about being good."

"What if I don't want you to be good?"

"Then you get what you deserve."

"Mouthy sub," Adam mutters. "One of these days..."

"Promises, promises."

Before Adam can respond, Tommy's muscles go lax under Adam's hand and he falls into position. Perfectly submissive, imperfectly gorgeous, and so much of what Adam wants.

"Cock tease," Adam says, and then he picks up the mug because he really does love that about Tommy, god help him.

As Tommy swallows, his throat works in exactly the same way it did last night when he took Adam's dick in deep. It's all Adam can do to put the coffee down carefully, instead of throwing the mug to one side, before he licks into Tommy's mouth.

He drags Tommy closer, pulling him up with the hand on the back of his neck, and claims him with sucking kisses, strokes of his tongue, and nips of his teeth.

Abandoning the food he'd so carefully prepared to the ants that are bound to make their way to the little table despite the bowls of water under each leg, Adam pushes Tommy backwards.

He lays Tommy on the soft, springy grass, and Tommy spreads his legs. Adam settles between them and grabs Tommy's wrists in one of his hands and presses them to the ground over Tommy's head.

"I was going to feed you," Adam says, with a thrust of his hips that drags his dick over Tommy's.

"I want you to."

"And why should I do what you want?"

"No fucking clue, dude." Tommy sweeps his tongue over his lips, wetting them so they shine in the sunlight.

Adam places a finger on Tommy's mouth. When he lifts his hand away, Tommy bites his lip to let Adam know he'll do as he's told.

"Do you want to touch me?" Adam asks. "Kneel before me, run your hands up my thighs, take hold of my dick, and touch me?"

Tommy digs his teeth deeper into his lip.

"Or do you want to taste me?" He rocks his hips against Tommy.

Without releasing his lip, Tommy gurgles an incoherent response.

"Is that what you want?"

A roll of Adam's hips causes Tommy's eyes to widen. A thrust has the muscles in Tommy's neck tensing. And when Adam slowly slides his hand between them, he can feel the dampness at the head of Tommy's dick.

But Adam's caught by the redness of Tommy's bottom lip, the way it seems to puff out around his teeth. He wants to feel that on his skin, wants to make Tommy feel him.

"Keep your hands there," Adam says, his voice rough enough to be nearly a growl. "Don't move unless I tell you to."

Without waiting for Tommy to respond, Adam releases his wrists and crawls up Tommy's body. He rises to his knees and shoves his pants down to free his dick, thankful that he'd worn the too big, totally comfortable yoga pants.

He cups his balls with one hand and lightly jacks himself with the other. Rubbing his thumb over the head, he coats it in precome.

A moan escapes from Tommy, and his lip springs free of his teeth.

Hooking his thumb into Tommy's mouth, Adam pushes it inside.

Tommy swirls his tongue over Adam's thumb and sucks, his cheeks hollowing.

The sensation goes straight to Adam's dick. His hips move. He squeezes his balls.

He can't take his eyes off Tommy's mouth, the redness, the way his lips pout around Adam's thumb. He can't... he needs...

"Oh my god, Tommy," Adam murmurs. "Just look at you."

He curls over Tommy and braces himself with one hand on the ground, fingers digging into the earth. Pulling Tommy's mouth open with his thumb, he uses his other hand to rub his dick over Tommy's lips.

Tommy's tongue touches the slit with every pass, and Adam's legs are trembling when he thrusts inside.

Tommy's mouth is hot, wet, and fucking perfect. His tongue flattens against the underside of Adam's dick, and he takes it all the way in until the head hits the back of his throat.

That bump, the way it presses against the head, the tightness of Tommy's lips around the shaft send shivers of need through Adam. He pulls out and pushes back in, and Tommy just fucking takes it.

As his dick slips between Tommy's lips, Adam watches, needing to see what it does to Tommy's mouth, how it makes his throat work.

"God, baby, you should see yourself."

In response, Tommy presses his tongue against the vein under the head of Adam's dick.

"Yes." The word comes out as a hiss because Adam is lost in the wet slide into Tommy's mouth, the bump against Tommy's throat. Even once, when Adam gets it wrong, the shudder of Tommy's gag reflex.

Tommy sucks hard. He flutters his tongue against Adam's dick. He hums and swallows. He's perfect.

Adam pushes deeper, and Tommy does it again. Over and over, until Tommy makes a desperate, broken sound, and Adam can't hold on any longer.

He sings Tommy's name as he comes.

Adam's still shaking when his dick slips out of Tommy's mouth. He moves onto his back and pulls Tommy on top of him. Reaching for Tommy's dick, he finds that Tommy's pants are damp and his dick softening.

He came untouched, from giving Adam a blowjob. An aftershock rolls through Adam, making him feel like he's coming all over again.

Tommy grins, lazy and self-satisfied, and Adam hugs him tighter, kissing him, tasting himself, tasting Tommy.

He should get them up off the ground, clean Tommy up, take care of him, but right now, Adam can't imagine letting him go.