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Prompt #099: Double Trouble  
Title: Safe in His Hands
Pairing/Characters: Brian/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): NC-17 (28 X 100)
Content(s)/Warning(s): D/s, shaving, sensation play
Author's notes: This is the last part. Thank you to everyone who followed me on this journey. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.
Many thank to @aislinntlc for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

This continues from Giving in to Trust. You can also read the whole thing on AO3.

With every new step they take, Tommy eases more of the grip he has on himself. Little by little, the outside world and its expectations fade to a background noise until even Tommy’s own fears aren’t enough to make him dig in his heels.

His fears haven’t completely disappeared, but it’s like they don’t have a handle on him anymore. As if he can finally allow himself to rest in the safe space Brian’s creating for him.

Showing himself at his most vulnerable is still scary, but he’s slowly getting to the point where he wants nothing more than that.


Tommy’s beginning to believe he can leave his whole being into Brian’s hands. He's ready to admit that he wants, needs what Brian’s giving him so badly that all he can do is give everything he has in return.

He’s finally feeling safe enough that he can trust Brian with his everything, let Brian take him apart and put him back together, because he knows that Brian will never take him anywhere he can’t bring Tommy back from.

Pieces fall into place in Tommy’s head until the path he has to follow to feel whole and safe is crystal clear.


One night, not so long before their last show, the dinner they share is light enough to let Tommy knows that Brian has plans. Once the dishes are clean and they’ve put everything away, Brian gives him a loving, tender kiss. “Go get changed, Tommy.”

And, because he’s made so much progress that it sounds right, that it feels right, Tommy replies, “Yes, sir.”

Brian’s gaze darkens but he only says, again, “Go.”

As fast and efficient as he can be, Tommy walks to Brian’s room, strips down to his underwear, and leaves his clothes properly folded on Brian’s dresser.


When he joins Brian in the living room, the lights have been turned down low. There’s soft music playing. Tommy’s usual spot on the couch, tucked into Brian’s side, has been cleared.

Tonight, though, instead of settling on the couch, Tommy drops to his knees on the ground next to Brian. His hesitation lasts but a second before he adopts the position Brian taught him: legs spread, back and shoulders straight, gaze on the floor.

Anticipation buzzes in the air around Tommy while seconds tick into silence. He holds his breath, nervousness coursing through his body until Brian finally reacts.


“Such a pretty display for me.” Brian’s gentle fingers under his chin make him raise his head.

Tommy’s whole face heats up under the scrutiny of Brian’s gaze, but he doesn’t dare look away. The air between them becomes heavy, full of what ifs and maybes about to become a reality.

“I’m shaving you bare tonight.”

The idea is as tempting as it is scary. It turns everything Tommy would have wanted to say into a gurgle of unrecognizable words.

Tommy swallows hard, once, twice, until he has control over his voice again. Then he says, asks, begs, “Please, sir.”


Brian moves his hand to Tommy’s cheek in a loving caress. “There’s my boy.”

The words hit Tommy to his very core. He pushes into the soft touch, already having a hard time thinking enough to form words. “Yours.”

Something dark washes over Brian’s face, but all it does is make Tommy want more. “Shower, baby.”

Minutes later, the bathroom is full of steam and Tommy’s sitting on the shower bench. The sight of the straight razor in Brian’s hands is enough to get another incomprehensible sound out of him.

Brian trails gentle fingers on the side of Tommy’s jaw.



“No. Just nervous.” Tommy lets everything show on his face, all the trust and the love and every little thing that he can’t quite put into words. Yet.

“I’ve got you.” There’s something behind the simple words, clear as day, that Tommy understands without even trying. Brian isn’t just talking about this moment. He means everything.

“I know.” The light pressure of Brian’s hand on Tommy’s knee makes him spread his legs so Brian can step between them.

“I know what I’m doing,” Brian reminds him. “As long as you stay immobile, there’s no risk of me hurting you.”


The reassurance is unnecessary, but with it comes a wave of warmth and safety that Tommy clings to.

“I trust you.” Tommy’s words hang heavily in the air between them. It isn’t the first time he’s said this, but it’s the first time he means it that deeply.

Brian gives him a warm smile in return. “Don’t move.”

A shiver climbs its way up Tommy’s back. “Yes, sir.”

“Take a deep breath, baby.”

Tommy does, a little bit of tension seeping out of him as Brian drags a warm, wet cloth over the sensitive skin around Tommy’s cock and balls.


Another deep breath as Brian spreads the shaving foam over him and Tommy finds his center, his nervousness turning into an anticipation that burns bright in the air.

His cock fills as Brian holds it out of his way. Tommy loses himself in the rhythmic strokes of the razor, in the assured movement of Brian’s hands on him.

His breath catches in his throat when Brian shaves the hair around Tommy’s balls, the little hair on them. The sound that comes out of his throat is a whimpered, “please,” when Brian spreads Tommy’s ass and covers his skin with foam.


“Don’t you dare come yet, boy.”

The warning makes Tommy’s dick pulse in Brian’s hand as he does his hardest to hold on. “Trying.”

“If you need help, say so.”

Tommy barely manages a small nod.

“I’m serious, baby. You’re gonna be in so much trouble if you shoot before I’m inside you.” It sounds like both a promise and a threat. Tommy’s breath quickens.

“I’m good,” he promises. For now.

The strokes of the razor over the sensitive skin of his ass get a moan out of him. The process is intimate and scary and everything Tommy ever needed.


He lets out a relieved breath when Brian wipes him down.

“We’re not done yet, pretty boy.” With a smirk, Brian spreads his fingers through the hair on Tommy’s lower stomach. “I said bare. Remember?”

“Oh, fuck.” A pearly drop of precome appears at the tip of Tommy’s dick. He can already feel the difference, the contrast between the cold air and the warmth of Brian’s fingers as he spreads oil over Tommy’s freshly shaved skin. Tommy doesn’t even want to think of how sensitive he’ll be once they’re done.

“Just let me finish. Then we can head to bed.”


It sounds far too easy, too simple. But Tommy doesn’t question it. He’s long past the point of trying to figure it out. All that matters in this moment is what Brian expects of him.

When Tommy settles again, Brian repeats the process on Tommy’s stomach, his chest, his arms, his legs. Shaving foam followed by steady, rhythmic strokes of the razor, slowly chipping away the last remains of Tommy’s protective walls. Until he’s left bare, at his most vulnerable, not even tempted to protect himself.

“Good boy,” Brian whispers. “And now that we’re all done, I want to play.”


Tommy’s heart goes rabbit-fast at the sight of Brian’s dark smile. His hole clenches, his balls draw up when Brian strokes his fingers up and down the cleft of Tommy’s ass. “Oh, shit. Gonna…” He lets out a sobbing breath. “Help.”

Within seconds, there’s the tight, tight pressure of Brian’s hand around the base of Tommy’s dick. Tommy swears as he feels his release kept right out of his reach. He forces himself to breathe through it, once, twice. Then he can finally give a small nod of his head.

“Better?” Brian asks.

Again, Tommy nods.

“Can you hold it?”


Now that he isn’t right on the edge, Tommy’s stubbornness and determination reappear. Through gritted teeth, he says, “Yes, sir.” He needs so badly to be good for Brian, to live up to Brian’s expectations.

“Good boy. Let’s go.”

Tommy freezes in the bedroom’s doorway. The lights are on so low he has to blink a few times before he can see anything. He has no idea what Brian’s planning for him.

“Get on the bed, baby.”

Tommy lies down, lust and anticipation and just a hint of fear going straight to his head, so fast it makes him dizzy.


All of his nerve endings seem to come alive under the weight of Brian’s gaze. Tommy can’t look away, Brian’s eyes on him keeping him immobile better than bonds ever could.

The light pressure of Brian’s hand on Tommy’s knee makes him spread his legs so Brian can settle between them. “Hands on the headboard.”

Tommy grabs onto the headboard. His skin gets covered in goose bumps when Brian trails his fingers over him.

“I’m not tying you up this time. You’re going to hold very, very still for me. But…” There’s a strip of dark fabric in Brian’s hands.


Tommy’s mouth goes dry when he recognizes it for what it is. A blindfold. “Oh, fuck.”

“But,” Brian says again, “You won’t be able to see what I’m doing, or what I’m going to use on you.”

Tommy’s breath quickens. Every single one of Brian’s words seem to drive Tommy’s need higher, to give everything he has and find his release.

“Think about it, baby. How sensitive your skin is, freshly shaved. How you won’t be able to see what I’m about to do to you, maybe not even guess.”

Those two things paired together will make everything even better.


Or worse. Tommy can’t say. He doesn’t really care. All he knows is that he needs Brian to do something, anything, before the anticipation drives him crazy. Just the idea makes him painfully aware of his dick, hard and heavy, with no hope of release in sight. Not yet.

Tommy waits and waits but Brian doesn’t move. Desperation tears a plea out of Tommy as he does his hardest not to arch into the light caress of Brian’s fingers on him. “Please. Fuck, Brian, please.”

“Raise your head.”

Tommy obeys, Brian’s voice the last tether still anchoring him into reality.


He’s surrounded in darkness as Brian ties the blindfold at the back of his head.

“Not too tight?”

Tommy shakes his head. “I’m good.”

“Can you see anything?”

He tries, opening his eyes wide. “Nothing.” The light caress of fingertips at the junction between thigh and groin makes him shiver.

“Perfect. Hold still.”

A tiny nod of Tommy’s head. He lets out a mewling whimper when Brian sucks a mark into the skin just above his cock.

He feels more than he hears the low rumble of Brian’s “mine.” Tommy arches into the bright pain of Brian’s teeth, wanting more.


Needing more. His breath catches in his throat and he bites his lip, trying to keep all of his sounds inside as Brian’s slick fingers enter his ass.

Seconds later, he feels fingers against his lips as well. Tommy sucks them greedily into his mouth, a perfect counterpoint to the pressure in his ass, to Brian filling him, stretching him.

Slowly, Brian pulls his fingers from Tommy’s mouth. “Let me hear you, boy. Give me your words, your sounds.” A kiss on Tommy’s chest turns into another breathtaking bite, tearing a sobbing breath out of Tommy’s throat. “Give me everything.”


Tommy can’t stop the tiny, tiny rocking of his hips, a desperate attempt to get Brian’s fingers deeper.

Brian’s dark chuckle makes Tommy blush. “Go ahead, baby. Fuck yourself on my fingers. Show me how much you want my cock.”

Tommy pushes into the pressure, whining when it isn’t fast enough, deep enough. He thrusts his hips as much as he can without letting go of the headboard.

“Just like that. Such a pretty little slut for me.”

Just when Tommy thinks maybe he could come like that, just from Brian’s words and fucking himself on Brian’s fingers, Brian stops.


He pulls his fingers out and Tommy’s heartfelt, desperate “please, sir” has no results.

“Not yet. I’m so far from being done with you, boy.”

The reminder that here and now, nothing is under his control finally sends Tommy spiraling down, into a world where nothing exists but Brian’s touch and Brian’s voice.

There’s pressure on his hole, bigger, wider than fingers, cold and unyielding.

“Bear down.”

Tommy obeys, hissing at the sheer perfection of the burn, of too much too soon.

“This way,” Brian murmurs once the plug is in place, “When I’m ready, I can slide right in.”


The promise makes Tommy moan. He’s slowly losing himself in the sensations. The tight grip he has on the headboard in order not to let go. The almost unbearable fullness in his ass.

“Don’t hold back, baby. Let me hear you.”

Tommy has no more control over the words that tumble out of his mouth, a mess of “please” and “fuck” and “I need.”

His babble slows to a halt at the whisper of soft fur on his freshly shaved skin. A barely there, butterfly-light caress, immediately followed by a cluster of tiny pricks in the shape of Brian’s hand.


He feels those twin sensations everywhere, sometimes in a mirror of each other; soft caress on one side of his chest, the prickly scratching on the other side. Over and over again. He can’t see what will happen next. Brian keeps him guessing until he doesn’t even try anymore.

Until every caress of the fur, every harsh touch of the prickly thing only makes him open himself up a little more. Until his own pleasure doesn’t even matter.

Every touch brings him higher, leaving him floating on a cloud where the only thing that can reach him is Brian’s voice.


Sometimes the touch is so light that Tommy can barely feel it. Sometimes it hurts, like tiny little teeth closing on his skin, the kind of blissful pain that only takes him further inside his own head.

He moans and whimpers and begs but he has absolutely no control over what’s spilling from his mouth. It feels like he can’t even tell if he’s using actual words or just making noise.

Just when he thinks that he can’t take anymore, there’s the soft, soft caress of fur around his dick, and tiny pricks on the sensitive skin of his balls.


Fuck.” A breathy whimper is torn out of Tommy’s throat. “Please, fuck, Brian, please, sir, please.” He has no idea if he’s begging for more or less of everything. All he knows is that he’s right on the edge and he can’t do a thing to free himself. Only Brian can.

All the sensations disappear, and Tommy’s left alone in darkness, waiting, expecting. There’s no fear left. Only the reassuring knowledge that Brian can and will give him exactly what he needs. It’s the only thing that makes the waiting bearable until Brian pulls the plug out of Tommy’s ass.


Tommy screams when Brian finally thrusts inside him. It’s hard and fast and everything Tommy needs to make him feel owned, possessed to his very core. He lets himself open up a little more every time Brian thrusts into him, giving more and more and more until everything he has, everything he is, is Brian’s.

Then, when Tommy is teetering on the edge, Brian wraps his hand around Tommy’s dick. “Go ahead, baby. Come for me.”

Tommy’s so far gone that he comes as soon as Brian allows it. His mouth opens on a scream and he falls into darkness.


When he opens his eyes, the blindfold is gone, but the light it still so low that Tommy barely has to blink to get used to it again.

He blinks again, surprised when he realizes Brian already cleaned him up and cradled him in his arms. Then he doesn’t think anymore, clinging to Brian and the cocoon of warmth created by the heat of Brian’s body and the blanket around them.

He lets Brian’s words, his, “you did so well” and “so pretty for me” and “such a good boy” surround him with protective walls almost stronger than his own.


Later, when Tommy can finally stand a little space between him and Brian, there’s water from a bottle that Brian brings to Tommy’s lips because Tommy’s fingers are trembling, and fruits that Brian feeds to Tommy, piece by piece.

They barely move except for the caress of Brian’s hands over Tommy’s body. Tommy rests his head on Brian’s chest, listening for the soft thud of his heartbeat, losing himself in Brian’s words of love and praise.

Until he finally gets the feeling of complete freedom that he knows he’ll only ever find when he lets Brian have everything of him.
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I love the way you ended this series. So hot and so very many feels... ♥
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