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Prompt #100: Pick Your Own Adam Song Lyric
Title: Caught in a Web of Lies
Pairing/Characters: Ashley, Tommy
Rating (Word Count): G (9 X 100)
Content(s)/Warning(s): Slavery AU
Author's notes: I chose the line "Look beyond the lies you've known" from Underneath as my inspiration. I know this is a tease and I'm sorry. This is a 'verse that appeared fully grown in my head and there is much more to it than this little drabble-set, but I have no idea when I'll have the time to write it.
Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

When Ashley enters the room, the boy seems to try to shrink into himself. She wonders what happened to him to make him so scared. She has a feeling that, even if she were to ask, he wouldn’t tell her. There’s a web of lies around the boy, of the kind that she has no hope to unravel unless he lets her. But she promised to try.

So she walks up to him and holds out the plate. “Are you hungry? I have some food for you.”

He starts shaking his head before his stomach rumbles in hunger, contradicting him.


He blushes to the very root of his hair. “Maybe a little.”


She sits on the mattress by his side while he eats, careful to keep a little distance between them. She doesn’t think he’s stupid enough to try and reach for her knife, but she likes to be prepared. And she’s pretty sure that sitting too close to him would make him even more skittish.

“Can I ask for your name?”

“Do I still have one?”

She arches an eyebrow at him as she waits. As if she needed another reminder that the boy is anything but willing.


“Unless someone told you otherwise…” She lets her words hang in the air, and something akin to panic washes over the boy’s face.

“Of course not.” Another lie, Ashley knows it. “I’m Tommy.”

When Tommy’s done eating, she hands him a glass of water. “I’m Ashley. I’m going to show you around the place, see if there’s something you can make yourself useful at.”

“But I thought… I’m…” Tommy trails off, like just saying the word would be too much for him. Another hint. Willing slaves are never scared to identify themselves as such. It’s part of who they are.


Ashley sighs. The more they talk, the more it feels like she’ll be lucky if she can get Tommy to trust her enough to tell her how the hell Marcus tricked him into this. Well, she probably could, but it would take weeks of talking and getting to know each other. Problem is, they don’t have weeks. Not if they want to help Tommy out of whatever shit Marcus has him in.

“My partners have doubts about you.” She carefully keeps herself out of that sentence, even though she agrees with them. “We won’t start training you until we’re sure.”


“What do you mean?”

“We don’t take in the unwilling.” Just from the look on his face, she can see that he doesn’t believe her. “Most of our charges don’t even end up on the market. They already have an arrangement with someone and they just needed the right amount of training.” She shrugs. “Nobody wants a broken bed slave. If they do, they’re not the kind of people we do business with.”

“But I am.” She watches him swallow and knows that he’s lying again. “Willing.”

She doesn’t call him out on it. She feels like it wouldn’t help.


She’s tempted to tell him that she’s seen the vids of him. That’s she’s seen him trying to get away from every touch, from anything that was done to him. That the fact that he could get hard through it doesn’t prove anything. Not when the rest of his body language showed that he was fighting with all of his will.

She doesn’t. She’s also going to recommend that he isn’t allowed to interact with their other charges just yet. Tommy’s so intent on pretending that he would use any way he can find to convince them that he’s willing.


She wonders what happened to him to convince him that it was worth it. Anyone who knows what they’re looking for could see he obviously doesn’t want to be a slave. Yet here he is, trying his hardest to pretend the opposite.

“Putting someone through training if they’re unwilling would destroy our rep.” Marcus knows that. Ashley would bet anything it’s the exact reason why he wanted them to take in Tommy. “We’re not going to risk that until we’re sure.”

She doesn’t say that they already are sure, that they’re just trying to get the truth out of Tommy.


She still stands by what she told Adam and Brian when they first showed her Tommy’s vids: all they can hope to get out of him is a nasty Stockholm syndrome. Not a willing bed slave.

“What will it take for you to be sure?”

She smiles at how stubborn he is. She’s sure he knows that she won’t answer that. He has a long way to go if he wants to fool them and they’re not going to help him.

“You’ll see,” is all she dares to say. “Come on. Let’s find out if you can be useful somewhere.”


“You know,” she says as they walk farther into the building, “whatever Marcus has on you to force you to lie to us, we could help you out of it. We want him out of our hair. If we can kill two birds with one stone...”

Tommy shakes his head. “I’m not lying.”

Ashley sighs. She understands why Adam decided to take Tommy in. She has a good idea what kind of fake ‘trainer’ Marcus would have set Tommy with if they’d said no.

Right now, though, she wonders if Tommy will be more trouble for them than anything else.
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