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Prompt #103: Feathers and Fur
Title: Writ Upon His Skin
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam, Tommy, Sutan, and friends
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7x100
Content/Warning(s): BDSM, bondage, blindfold, sensation play
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #103: Feathers and Fur. Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the preread.

The blindfold is velvet smooth over Tommy's eyes. The hemp ropes press into his wrists and ankles.

"Tell me," Adam says.

"Depeche Mode," Tommy responds. He's beyond ready for Adam to get started.

The bed dips under Adam's weight, wobbling for a moment before Adam gets off again. The fucking tease.

Tommy's skin twitches with the buzz of anticipation. He tries to focus on his breathing, in and out, but that doesn't help for shit. He's too driven by need.

Wrapping his hands around the ropes, he tugs on them and tests their strength, abrades his skin just a little.


Adam's first touch is almost too gentle for Tommy to feel it. His palms skim over Tommy's stomach, almost soft enough to be ticklish. A puff of air brushes over Tommy's nipples, and he jumps.

"Hush," Adam says.

Tommy tries, but his brain is skittering all over the place from the music he's been writing to the last episode of Breaking Bad to the...


A small but intense red pain flashes out from Tommy's hip, distracting him. The silk flogger connects again and again. On his thigh, his side, and back down to the sharp edge of his hipbone.


The soft taps and hard snaps rain down on Tommy's skin in an unpredictable beat that sends heat flaring out in a cobweb of arousal. Again and again, until his thoughts start to disintegrate.

He bites his lip to hold in a moan, and everything stops.

After a few seconds, Tommy asks, "What?"

"Your words and your sounds," Adam says. "I want them all or this is over. Don't hold anything back."

The threat of ending this before it's really begun goes right to Tommy's dick. He licks his lips and rasps out, "Okay. Damn it. I promise."

"Good boy."


The silken ends of the flogger trail over Tommy's chest in a never-ending infinity symbol, teasing his nipples. He moans and arches his back, trying to encourage Adam, only to have the flogger swirl down to his belly button.

Adam dangles the flogger there, barely moving it, and Tommy's stomach muscles twitch. It's so soft, so close to a nothing touch, that he can barely stand it.

Then Adam flicks the flogger sideways. The ends catch on the edge of Tommy's hip. A flash of fire goes through him and settles hot and heavy at the base of his dick.


The brush of fur against Tommy's inner thigh sends shivers curling up his spine and brings him the gift of Adam's words.

"You look so beautiful like this. Stretched out, decorated with my marks, open and wanting."

Tommy moans as the fur caresses his other thigh. It feels decadent, as if he's precious and loved.

The gentle touch moves up over his balls, and Adam cups them and rolls them. He shakes with need as the soft fur glides over his dick and down to his ass.

"Just like that, baby. Spread your legs. Show me how gorgeous you are."


Adam adds a claw-like scratching to the feathery brush of fur. Soft circles on Tommy's belly, sharp patterns around his nipples, legs and arms, balls and hips, chest and dick, until all Tommy's doing is feeling.

"Please, fuck, please," he begs, when Adam pauses.

"Please what?" Adam's voice is low, rough with need. "Do you want me to stroke you?"

A fur-clad hand curls around Tommy's throat, gives it a gentle squeeze that catches in Tommy's chest and leaves him wanting it tighter, harder, more.

He bares his neck, pressing up into the fur, almost whining when Adam's hand vanishes.


Like a shock of electricity jolting through him, Adam's lips are touching Tommy's ear and he's breathing, "Or should I write a song upon your body?"

A looping scratch, then another, and another. Tommy feels the words, hears the song. It's heat and joy, all of the love that Tommy's ever known, written on his body, hummed against his skin.

Each letter adds another point of heat. Each pause tethers him to Adam. He's lost in the feeling, in the flames that lick at the darkness surrounding him. Until Adam hums one last note against Tommy's dick, and he comes.

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