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Prompt #112: Leather
Title: Mutual Need
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Derek Hale/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Rating: R
Word Count: 9x100
Content/Warning(s): BDSM, Werewolves, Teen Wolf Xover
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #112: Leather. Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the preread.

Tommy returns the doorman's nod, slips through the open doors and into the club. He steps out of the way, pausing to let his eyes adjust, wanting to see more than dark outlines in the dim lighting.

Music pulses a low, rhythmic beat. It's canned, delivered by a DJ in a booth off to the side. The stage where Tommy played last week has been taken over by a red-haired, human Domme in black silk and her werewolf sub.

He watches them for a few minutes, wincing sympathetically and aching with need at every mark created by the leather whip.


It's not quite what Tommy wants, but it's close enough to draw him inside. He makes his way past couples and groups, even the occasional single like himself, and over to the bar. No way he wants to get drunk tonight, but having a bottle of beer in his hand makes him feel less conspicuous.

A growl draws his attention back to the stage. Shifted into beta form, the sub's crouched at his Domme's feet. She's poised and dangerously still. He's baring his fangs.

Tommy's attention, though, is drawn to the older, dark-haired werewolf who's standing in front of them.


Maybe, Tommy thinks, leaning back against a pillar, watching them face-off. He can tell there's history, and that the older werewolf isn't to be trusted, but that's about all.

He's not even sure if the guy is an alpha, which is a bit of a trip because Tommy can usually figure that shit out as easily as he can work his way through a new song. He takes a long, thoughtful drink of his beer.

Just when he thinks they'll stand there forever, the sub snarls a warning that the not-quite-alpha ignores as he gives the Domme a mocking bow.


Tommy frowns because he's not sure what the fuck is going on between them and he depends on his ability to do that. It saved his life once upon a time, which he really doesn't like thinking about.

"You don't want to know," a deep voice announces from Tommy's left.

Turning, he glares at the guy who's come to stand next to him. "Like I give a fuck what you think."

"Derek Hale," the guy says as he takes Tommy's beer bottle away and puts it on the bar.

Tommy considers walking away but then the guy looks at him.


He's so fucking perfect that Tommy almost drops to his knees right then and there. The guy's all denim and leather, with just enough scruff to sensitize Tommy's skin. His violence is leashed to a quiet buzz under the surface, matching the one deep inside Tommy.

His eyes flash beta blue, with almost purple shading that hints at alpha red.

Tommy glances over at the stage, but the threesome that's setting up there doesn't interest him. They're too pretty, almost too sweet, for his taste.

"I don't do public," Derek says.

"Me neither."

Derek nods and starts to walk away.


His heart tripping a beat, Tommy follows Derek to a private room. The door closes with a thunk, shutting out the noise from the club. They're alone, but close enough for the werewolves to hear if Tommy screams for help.

Derek stands with his feet slightly apart and his arms folded over his chest, and for a moment, all Tommy can think is, Fuck, yes, please, Sir!

Then Derek moves, faster than Tommy can blink. He curls a strong, sure hand around Tommy's neck, forcing Tommy to look up at him.

"No claws, no teeth. Not for our first time."


Tommy's brain catches on first time and the awesome way that implies many other times, because he wants this so fucking much. Derek doesn't feel like any other werewolf Tommy's been with. He's got the kind of control Tommy wants, but also a neediness that's so much like the one inside Tommy.

This guy might actually understand.

"Yeah," Tommy says, "Okay. But if we decide to take this further?"

"Then we can talk about it later." Derek's thumb caresses the edge of Tommy's jaw. "After you've come back to yourself and had time to think about what it all means."


"And for today?" Tommy isn't even remotely embarrassed by the hope that bleeds into his voice.

"Give me your boundaries and your words," Derek says. "I want to see how well you submit."

So Tommy does, need turning into a jangle of broken notes.

Derek grabs him by the neck, presses him against the wall, opens him up with mouth and hands.

Sliding to his knees to the soundtrack of Derek's vibrating growl, Tommy kisses denim and leather, opens up for Derek, and is taken close enough to the brink of pain to smooth the jagged edges of his soul.


The next night, someone else is on the door. This guy is tall and dark-skinned, and he's got the door open and a wide, bright smile aimed right at Tommy.

Swallowing down the shiver of music that rises through him, Tommy does his best to grin back.

Tommy doesn't hesitate; he walks directly to a group that's taken over a set of couches.

Without saying a word, he kneels down on the cushion next to Derek's feet. And when Derek's hand settles, heavy and sure, at the nape of Tommy's neck, Tommy rests his head against Derek's knee and relaxes.

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