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Prompt #114: Tour
Title: The Night Before
Pairing/Characters: Tommy/OMC(Nate)
Rating (Word Count): PG-13 (6 X 100)
Content(s)/Warning(s): None
Author's notes: If you're wondering about Nate, he's the OMC I introduced in Late Night Secrets. Many thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

Tommy should be sleeping. He needs all the rest he can get before they leave tomorrow, before home becomes a string of busses and hotel rooms that blur together to the point that Tommy can’t even tell where they are half of the time.

Instead, his perfectly packed bags seem to be taunting him from their corner of the room and he’s trying his hardest not to squirm in Nate’s embrace.

“What’s going on?” Nate’s voice is barely over a whisper.

Tommy winces. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“I never fell asleep, babe. You just wouldn’t stop moving.”


“It’s nothing.”

Nate rolls onto his side, putting just enough distance between them that he can look Tommy in the eyes. “I thought we’d gone through this already. If you don’t want to talk about something, just say so. But don’t pretend you’re okay if you’re not.”

Sighing, Tommy says, “I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Nate frowns. “And?”

There’s a long silence as Tommy tries to figure out how to explain it. In the end, he simply says, “Two months is a very long time.”

“It can be.” Nate still doesn’t seem to understand. “I think I’m gonna need a better explanation.”


“Like I said, it’s nothing.” It comes out a lot harsher than Tommy wanted it to, but he’s aware this is nothing but him being insecure and he really doesn’t want to put that into words.

“What?” Nate’s voice turns teasing. “Do you want to hear how much I’m going to miss you and that I can’t live without you?”

He bats his eyes and Tommy snorts.

“Don’t fuck with me.”

“At least you’re smiling now.” Nate follows the line of Tommy’s jaw with his fingers. “And I’ll miss you, but… you know, it’s like when I’m on night shift.”


“You have to deal with the fact that I barely feel human half the time.”

More than a little lost, Tommy says, “I don’t give a fuck, and you know it.”

“Yeah, I do. And it’s the same for me. I knew this would be part of the deal from the beginning. I don’t mind.”

Tommy nods. He wishes it was easier, but he has a hard time believing it.

Gently, Nate grabs Tommy’s hand. “And just because you’re not with me,” he brings Tommy hand to his chest, right over his heart, “Doesn’t mean I won’t keep you here.”


Tommy can’t help but smile. “You’re so cheesy.”

“But that doesn’t make it any less true.” Nate brushes a soft, soft kiss on Tommy’s lips. “Just knowing that you’re out there, doing what you love… it’s enough for me.”

Somehow, Tommy believes him. In part because it’s so late at night, and in part because he’s aware that Nate would never say anything like that if he didn’t mean it, he feels safe enough to explain. “Sometimes it feels like this, you and me, it’s too good to be true. Like I’ll lose it all if I’m not careful enough.”


Nate busses a soft kiss against Tommy’s hair, pulling him closer. “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be here when you’re done touring.”

Tommy gives a small nod and whispers a “love you” against the skin of Nate’s neck, Nate’s own answer getting lost when Tommy kisses him.

“Besides,” Nate says between kisses, “Imagine how good the sex will be after all that time apart.”

“I don’t know. I think I might need a demonstration.”

The heat in Nate’s smile zips through Tommy and make his toes curl as Nate brings his hands over his head.

“If you say so.”
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