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Prompt #115: Studio
Title: Respite
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Sauli
Rating (Word Count): G (3 X 100)
Warning(s): None
Author's notes: I honestly thought I was done with that pairing, but apparently all my muse needed was for them to hang out together in Stockholm and give us 'mystery pictures' :P
Many thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat  for the beta.

By the time Adam gets a second to grab his phone, exhaustion is starting to set in. He’s thinking that when he’s finally done with what currently feels like the longest day of his life, he will only have the strength to collapse into bed.

He’s so out of it that he almost misses the last text from Sauli.

Think you’ll survive?

He knows, without needing to see Sauli’s face that Sauli’s messing with him. He smiles and texts back, I swear, they’re trying to work me into the ground!

He doesn’t have the time to wait for an answer.


When he finally gets another break from the studio, it’s to be greeted by Sauli’s, Poor baby. Want me to rescue you?

Adam’s heart twists in his chest. He wants nothing more than to enjoy the easy comfort of the friendship they share. A friendship that he has to admit comes with some pretty awesome benefits.

If I was in Helsinki, I would so take you up on that.

It barely takes a minute for Sauli to send, Didn’t I tell you I’m in Stockholm?

Adam’s almost left speechless. What?

There’s a beat, and Sauli sends, Let me try again.


Adam can already hear impatient voices around him, but all he needs is another minute. He adores what he does for a living, yet it feels great to have a little respite from it all. And Sauli always has a gift for providing him with exactly that.

I’m in Stockholm. Do you want me to rescue you?

Even though he knew it was coming, Adam’s still giddy with excitement.

Oh yes. Please.

By the time he’s back in the studio, they’ve agreed on a place and hour to meet, and Adam feels like he could take on the whole world.
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