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Prompt #070: Touch
Title:The Touch of Home
Pairing/Characters: TJ/Jase (OMC)
Rating (Word Count): R (7x100)
Warning(s): None
Author's notes: Thanks to [personal profile] elizabuffy for the beta. This is a direct sequel to the previous two week's entries of "Taste" and "Smell".

The Touch Of Home

The metal was cool in his hand. The blunt teeth bit into the pads of his fingers as Tommy's grip on his car keys tightened. His thoughts on the key he so carelessly tossed away in a pique of anger.

"You can do this," he whispered to himself.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he raised a trembling hand and pushed the plastic button of the doorbell. All he could do now was wait; hope Jase was home and willing to listen. He rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet as the door opened.



Tommy grabbed the wooden door frame, the corner of it pressing into his palm painfully. "I'm sorry," he blurted out. "I was stupid and I just, fuck, I said shit I shouldn't have said."

Jase pulled Tommy into his chest and Tommy let go of the door frame and curled his fingers in Jase's denim shirt instead. "I'm so fucking sorry," he choked out.

"Me too," Jase breathed into Tommy's neck. "Me too," his hands warm on Tommy's back.

Tommy wasn't sure how long they stood there but eventually Jase half dragged, half carried him back into the house.


They got as far as the couch, when Tommy pushed himself away, angrily swiping at an errant tear. "You should hate me," he said harshly, "after what I said."

Jase raised a hand as if to touch him and clenched his fist instead, dropping it back down to his side. "The feeling's mutual," he replied quietly.

Tommy looked up in surprise. "You shouldn't blame yourself."

"Neither should you. We were both at fault."

"How do you figure?"

"We both said things we didn't mean and that we regret now."

"True enough, but I started it."

Jase rolled his eyes. "Whatever."


"What matters is that you're here now." Jase reached out and trailed a finger down the side of Tommy's face.

Tommy turned and pushed into the touch, a soft moan of relief slipping past his lips. "I missed you."

Jase dropped his hand from Tommy’s face and wrapped it around Tommy's neck instead. "Come here."

And Tommy went, right back into Jase's arms.

"I know we should probably talk about this, air out all the negative feelings, fix things, but damn, I just wanna kiss you."

Tommy surged up, wrapped his arms around Jase's neck and crushed their lips together.


Jase's lips were soft and dry just like Tommy remembered, but there was a firmness to them now, probably brought on by desperation. It wasn't like they'd been apart that long, three long torturous days and each one had felt like an eternity.

He reached up to rub Jase's head, the peach fuzz of his buzz cut soft against Tommy's his palm. It was only seconds before he had both hands on Jase's head rubbing his hair. Jase chuckled softly and Tommy felt the reverberations through his chest.

"I think I missed that as much as you did."

"Shut up."


Jase kissed the side of Tommy's head, nuzzling into his hair. "Promise me we won't be that stupid again? Promise me next time we'll talk things out instead of acting like jackasses? Promise me you won't give me my key back again?"

The last question made Tommy's heart clench because he heard the crack in Jase's voice, knew how vulnerable he was feeling. He drew back, his hands framing Jase's face. "I can't promise we won't fight or that we won't act like jackasses again. But I won't throw your key at you again. Ever. Dumbest thing I ever did."


"You want it back?"

Tommy looked up at Jase, bit his lip before nodding his head quickly. "Please?"

Jase tightened his embrace. "It's waiting for you in your usual spot."

Tommy sagged against Jase. There was still much to talk about, issues and feelings to hash out. But the cool metal key he'd been missing was still his, waiting for him in the little basket Jase kept on the counter for their keys. And right now, that was all that mattered, that and the touch of Jase's lips to his skin and the heat of his hands on Tommy's back.

The End

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