04 November 2011 @ 01:43 pm
Prompt #007: Halloween  
Title: Come As You Aren't
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): R (100)
Warning(s): Cross-dressing involving a corset
Author's notes: Beta'd by [personal profile] leela_cat All other mistakes are mine.

Who Are You? )
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03 November 2011 @ 08:53 pm
Prompt #007: Halloween  
Title: Tricking out a Treat
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating: R (for implied kink)
Word Count: 3 x 100
Content/Warning(s): cross-dressing with corset, implied D/s
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #007: Halloween. Many thanks to [personal profile] eeyore9990 for the beta.

Tricking out a Treat )
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30 October 2011 @ 09:15 am
Prompt #007: Halloween  
Prompt #007: Halloween

Please remember the following:

(a)Use the following header on your drabble(s):

Rating (Word Count):
Author's notes:

(b)Double check your word count before posting.
(c)Put Prompt #007: Halloween in the subject line of your post(s).
(d)Tag your post(s).

If you are writing a drabble set (a series of interconnected 100-word drabbles) or if the content is of an adult/triggering nature, please place everything following the header behind a cut.

Ready, set… GO!