14 July 2013 @ 10:54 am
Prompt #090: Fair  
Title: After the Change
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 14 x 100
Content/Warning(s): Wing!fic
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #090: fair. Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the preread.

After the Change )

12 July 2013 @ 07:41 am
Prompt #090: Fair  
Title: Letting Go
Pairing/Characters: Brian/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): NC-17 (12 X 100)
Content(s)/Warning(s): D/s, orgasm denial
Author's notes: Many thanks to @leela_cat for the beta.

This continues from Catch Me When I Fall. You can also read the whole thing on AO3.

Letting Go )
11 July 2013 @ 12:33 pm
Prompt #090: Fair  
Title: Consequences
Pairing/Characters: Tommy/Brian
Rating (Word Count): NC17 (12x100)
Warning(s): none
Content: Established D/s relationship, Orgasm Denial
Author's notes: So much thanks to @leela_cat and @ArianneMaya for the preread and reassurances. *hugs you both* <333 I've been wanting to write Tommy/Brian pretty much since Brian first came into the picture, but they just wouldn't cooperate until now. \o/ for inspiration finally striking, even though this turned out to be way different than what I sat down to write. (It was supposed to be 100 words and humorous. o.O)

*On a side note, since discipline vs punishment vs correction is a complicated subject in the D/s world, for the purposes of this fic (and because it's how my Dom and I have defined it) I'm going with: discipline = a system of rules for behavior; correction = a reprimand/reminder (either verbal or by action, such as a light smack to the thigh or ass); and punishment = a penalty imposed due to accidentally or incidentally breaking agreed upon rules (deliberate disobedience garners a whole other level of punishment that has nothing to do with this fic).

Tommy clutched at the sheet, moaning as Brian thrust into him from behind…  )

11 July 2013 @ 08:14 am
Prompt #090: Fair  
Title: Strawberries: Fair Or Not Fair?
Pairing/Characters: Briant/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): PG-13 (100)
Warning(s): None
Author's notes: Thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat for the edit.

Not fair! )
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07 July 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Prompt 090: Fair  
Title: A Tasty Treat
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): PG/100
Warning(s): n/a
Author's notes: Continuation of the Tommy mpreg. Previous parts are here.

Tommy loves the fair, all the food and rides, it’s one of his favorite past times. This year though he has to settle for walking around with Adam. No rides for him. He smiles, his fingers trailing to his belly. What he can indulge in is a treat.

“Adam, where’s the funnel cake stand? They have Nutella funnel cakes!”

“This way,” Adam leads him to the stand and they wait until it’s their turn. They order and Tommy drools as he watches them top the cake with Nutella.

When it’s finished Adam takes it and feeds Tommy the first bite.
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07 July 2013 @ 10:52 am
Prompt #090: Fair  
Prompt #090: Fair

Please remember the following:

(a) Use the following header on your drabble(s):

Rating (Word Count):
Author's notes:

(b) Double check your word count before posting.
(c) Put Prompt #090: Fair in the subject line of your post(s).
(d) Tag your post(s).

If you are writing a drabble set (a series of interconnected 100-word drabbles) or if the content is of an adult/triggering nature, please place everything following the header behind a cut.

Now... ready, set… GO!

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