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Prompt #098: Lay Me Down
Title: Forever
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2x100
Content/Warning(s): Vampires
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #098: Lay Me Down. Many thanks to @aislinntlc for the preread.

Teeth tear into Tommy's neck, slicing through skin and tendon, slashing at his jugular vein. He wants to scream, but the hand holding his head in place prevents him.

The sucking noise, so close to his ear, is too loud. He trembles with fear, with a growing weakness that makes his knees buckle. Black spots start to appear before his eyes, blurring the room.

He doesn't even realize he's falling until he's swooped up and laid down on something soft.

The teeth dig in harder. Blood leaves his body mouthful after agonizing mouthful.

A thick viscous darkness pulls him under.


Tommy wakes to the drip, drip, drip of blood, coppery and warm on his lips.

"Please, baby. You have to drink. Just a little bit."

His neck is nothing but pain. His head is throbbing in time to the spinning of whatever he's lying on.

"Just one single drop."

The slight movement required to open his mouth brings the darkness rushing back. Tommy's eyes flutter as he fights to stay awake, stay conscious.

"Fuck, Tommy. Come on. You promised me. Forever, remember?"

He fights the agony, catches a single drop on his tongue.

Fire rises up; he swallows it down.

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