09 February 2014 @ 10:00 am
Prompt #37: Moonlight  
Title: First Shift
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Adam/Tommy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10x100
Content/Warning(s): Werewolves
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #37: Moonlight (during open week). Many thanks to [personal profile] eeyore9990 for the preread. This is for @zoodlemouse13 because she needs a little pick-me-up.

The full moon follows Adam through the day, into the studio, twining bright with silver and dark as velvet black night into the music. He growls out the notes, snarls words into the mic, and they're changing everything as he sings, layering tracks as fast as they can.

Until the trill of his phone alarm cuts through the sound booth, and he calls an end to it.

"We'll pick this up tomorrow," he says, glancing down at the time.

"No problem." Bonnie smiles. "We've got the cut."

He grins back at her, feeling the sharpening points of his teeth. "Awesome."


Home is too far away, and traffic is shit, like it is every full moon. Adam uses every reflex he's got, but he's still almost twenty minutes late. His phone starts ringing as he pulls up to the gate.

"Daddy!" Marc's voice comes through the speakers. "You said you wouldn't be late! Not on my Shift Night."

"I'm here," Adam says, tapping the code into his remote.

"No, you're not."

"I'm driving up to the house right now."


Adam winces at the high-pitched squeal. "Hanging up," he grits out as he stops in the turnaround by the front door.


He barely gets inside before he has to drop his bag and catch the small body hurtling through the air at him.

"You're home!" Marc bounces in his arms. "Can we go now? Can we, Daddy?"

With a laughed, "Not yet," Adam moves Marc over to his hip and kicks the door closed behind him. "Your daddy has to get changed first."

"I've been ready forever." Marc huffs.

"He has, too." Tommy comes out of the living room and leans against the wall. "This is his third change of clothes. Sound familiar?"

"Nope," Adam says, but he can't stop smiling.


"No kissing." Marc tries to push his cold fingers between Adam and Tommy's mouths; his nails scratch over Adam's cheek. "We're busy tonight."

Adam snags Marc's hand as Tommy starts laughing.

"Why did we do this again?"

"Because you wanted a kid," Tommy says.


Adam tries for offended but fails when Marc bounces again, claps a hand to his chest, and says, "No, me, daddy. I'm the kid."

"Yes, you are." Tommy reaches for Marc. "And, right now, your daddy's going to get ready, and you're going to come help me set up the backyard for Shift Night."



The lights are off when Adam walks down the stairs and through the kitchen. The moon hangs low and full above the hill behind the house. Its light washes over the backyard. To Adam's half-shifted eyes, everything seems to be edged in silver.

Tommy's sitting on a thick blanket, legs crossed. Marc's turning around and around in a splash of moonlight. His head's tipped back, and he's giggling.

Adam steps out onto the terrace, and the wind brings their voices, their laughter, and their scent to him. He breathes in his family, his pack, before going down to join them.


"Daddy." Marc starts to run to him, but stops and blinks, looking confused before he wobbles, and Tommy has to catch him. Marc laughs. "Dizzy!"

"All that spinning around," Adam says, picking Marc up, whirling around.

"You're silly."

"That's your Daddy." Tommy smiles up at them, and Adam's heart catches in his chest.

Mine, he can't help but think.

Adam wraps his arms around Marc and pulls him into a tight hug. He presses his nose into the skin behind Marc's ear. This close, he can feel the heat of Marc's body, how close he is to his first shift.


"He's almost there," Tommy says, sliding his arms around Adam's neck, catching Marc between them. "He just needs a little boost from his alpha."

"From his daddies," Adam corrects him with a smile. Then he turns his head and rubs his cheek over Tommy's arm.

Marc twitches uncomfortably, and sharp points prick into Adam's shoulders.

"We need to do it now," Adam murmurs. He shrugs, trying to dislodge Marc's tiny claws, only to have them dig in deeper.

"Yeah. Definitely looks like it." Tommy reaches forward and moves Marc's hands. The small pains are accompanied by the scent of blood.


"Hurts," Marc whimpers. He hunches over and presses his forehead against Adam's chest. "Don't like this."

"You're almost there, baby."

When Marc's head whips up and he scowls, Adam says, "I know. You're going to be our big boy."

Adam links one hand with one of Tommy's, interlacing their fingers, and cups Marc's jaw with his other hand. Tommy's palm overlays his, and Marc clutches at Adam's shoulder again.

It's like a circuit is closed, buzzing through Adam's veins, electric with silvery moonlight.

Holding onto his own control, drawing on Tommy's calm, he looks into Marc's eyes, and growls, "Shift."


Marc's shift feels like liquid in Adam's hands. Skin becomes soft fur. Hands become paws. Nails turn into claws. Baby teeth become pinprick sharp fangs.

His change is accompanied by a high-pitched howl that sings through Adam, and he can't help but join in. His and Tommy's voices curl beneath Marc's. His family is there, twined together, vibrating inside him for one long, glorious moment.

Then the howls fall silent, and he and Tommy are holding a wriggling wolf cub. Adam grins at Tommy, pushes Marc into his arms, and his own shift is a ripple of muscle and fur.


They chase each other around the garden, running through the trees. When Marc slows down and starts to get tired, they return to the nest of blankets Tommy created.

Adam makes sure Tommy and Marc drink water, before taking his turn at the bowl. Then he curls around them. Marc is between him and Tommy, heavy and warm, asleep within seconds.

Moving carefully so as not to wake Marc, Adam rests his muzzle next to Tommy's. He can feel the pulse beating in Tommy's throat as he sleeps, slow and heavy, trusting Adam to keep them safe all night long.

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