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thraceadams ([personal profile] thraceadams) wrote in [community profile] glam_100 on February 13th, 2014 at 10:16 am
Prompt #112: Leather
Title: A Taste of Leather
Pairing/Characters: Brian/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): R (100)
Warning(s): None
Author's notes: Thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat for the beta.

A Taste of Leather

Tommy closed his eyes, pressed his face against the warm leather. He took a deep breath in, letting the smell of it wash over him. There was nothing better. Well, he smirked against the hard line growing under his cheek, what was underneath it was better. Or the two of them mixed together – the scent of musk, earth, male satisfaction, and leather. That was definitely better.

Pulling back a little to nose at the zipper, he contemplated opening it with his teeth. But the hand cupping the back of his head reminded him he shouldn't. He licked the leather instead.

The End
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