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Title: What They Both Want
Pairing/Characters: Brian/Tommy
Rating (Word Count): NC-17 (12x100)
Warning(s): None
Author's notes: Thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat for the beta. For the record, I was inspired by Minxie and Red and used eight different prompts - instead of making eight separate posts, I'm posting them all here and tagging all of them.

Prompt #002: Playing With Fire

Tommy stuck his tongue out at Brian, knowing full well what he was doing. Sure enough, Brian reached over and grabbed a handful of Tommy's hair, yanking his head back forcing him to look right into Brian's eyes.

"You're playing with fire, boy," he growled.

Tommy fought the smirk that threatened to spread across his face because that growl was the intended response. Instead he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "What are you going to do about it?"

Brian grinned at him wolfishly. "Oh, you know exactly what I'm going to do about it. That's why you did it."

"Oh shit."

Prompt #013: Play Room

"Yup, 'oh shit' is right. Get that scrawny ass of yours out of that chair and head back to the play room. Now."

Scrambling to get out of the seat, Tommy did just that because he knew when to push Brian and when to do exactly what he was told.This was one of those times. He'd pushed Brian far enough.
He was going to get what he wanted, and Brian seemed more than happy to play along.

He shut the door behind him, walking around, trailing his fingers over the cabinets they'd installed on the walls, opening the fourth one.

Prompt #070: Touch

Tommy reached into the cabinet, touching everything inside, waiting until he felt the heat of Brian's chest at his back and the warm touch of his fingers at the nape of his neck.

"Don’t worry, boy, I know exactly what you want, know exactly why you been pushing me all day. Gonna take care of you. Now get those clothes off. You know the rules. If you're in here, you're naked."

Quickly, Tommy moved to obey, stripping off his jeans and shirt, folding them neatly on the chair. He shivered once and watched as Brian moved to adjust the temperature.

Prompt #038: Swish and Flick

Tommy watched Brian carefully look over the implements, pausing at Tommy's favorite black and red deerskin flogger. When Tommy saw him lift it out of the cabinet, he practically vibrated in anticipation. He could already hear the swish and flick it made as Brian swung it through the air. Could already feel the light thud and resulting sting when it landed on his skin.

"Over the bench, Tommy," Brian ordered.

Tommy couldn't get there fast enough. He bent over it, looping his wrists through the leather straps at the bottom.

Brian's hand slid down his back. "Ready?"

"Please," Tommy whispered.

Prompt #010: Time Flies

It didn't take long for Tommy to drop into subspace. The rhythmic sound of the flogger as it whistled through the air and thudded against his back, ass, and thighs. He lost himself in the sound and the feeling, closed his eyes and just drifted. Time flew by or at least it felt like it did. Tommy was lost in the sensations, and nothing else mattered. The only important thing was feeling and taking everything Brian gave him.

It could have been hours or minutes when Brian stopped and broke the silence, his words cutting through the fog.

"Good boy."

Prompt #027: Communicating Without Words

Brian rubbed his hand up and down Tommy's back, the feel of it warm and comforting, easing some of the sting and achiness left from the flogger. Gentle strokes up and down his back and thighs until Brian's large hands started massaging his ass.

Brian's fingers ghosted over the cleft of Tommy's ass and Tommy fought the instinctive urge to clench and hide himself from Brian's touch. Deliberately, he relaxed the muscles in his ass. Brian rewarded him with a kiss to both cheeks, communicating his pleasure without a word.
Tommy flushed with pride and pushed back into Brian's touch.

Prompt #052: Shiver

The feel of Brian's tongue darting out to lick delicately at his hole made Tommy shiver, sent chills skimming across his body, and made goosebumps rise up all over his skin.

"More please, sir," Tommy begged.

Brian hummed against his entrance, and for a brief second Tommy was afraid he would stop. However, Brian's fingers dug into the skin of his hips and he pushed his tongue inside.

"Fuck, yes," Tommy cried out, shoving his hips back and trying to fuck himself on Brian's tongue.

This time Brian did pull back only to replace his tongue with a lube-covered finger.

Prompt #031: Such a Beautiful Release

"Hold still, boy," Brian growled as he worked his finger into Tommy's ass.

Tommy clenched his teeth and forced himself to remain still, not to thrust back wantonly on Brian's finger. He closed his eyes, feeling the sweat beading up on his forehead and dripping off his hair. He wanted Brian inside him and not just with his fingers.

But Brian was slow and deliberate, just like in everything else. Tommy's comfort and well-being were first and foremost in his mind. He worked Tommy open until Tommy thought he was going to explode.

"Please, Jesus, fuck, Brian."

"Not yet, boy."


Tommy took a deep breath and shut his eyes, trying to relax and stave off the orgasm that he so desperately wanted. Brian's hand smoothed down his flank and Tommy leaned into the touch, letting it ground him. "Okay," he said softly.

Brian's fingers pulled out of his ass, and Tommy almost cried at the loss. Then Brian was back, and Tommy could feel the head of Brians's cock pushing its way into his body.

He felt himself open around it, drawing Brian in, clenching around him, never wanting to let him go. Brian started to move, long and slow.


Each thrust into Tommy's body dragged Brian's cock over his prostate, eliciting grunts every time. The sweat was dripping off his hair now from the effort of holding back his orgasm. He hadn't begged yet, not really, but Tommy knew it was only a matter of time.

The thrusts changed in rhythm and intensity, going faster now, harder, Brian's hips pistoning his cock in and out of Tommy's body. The leather straps dug into Tommy's wrists as he tried to hold on, to something, anything.

Brian slowed down again, angling his hips, circling them, rubbing directly over Tommy's prostate.



The word slipped out. Tommy wasn't even going to say it, but there it was and now that he'd said it once, he couldn't stop himself from saying it again. "Please, please, please," he begged over and over in earnest now.

Brian wrapped long fingers around Tommy's cock, gave it a few strokes before leaning over his back and whispering in his ear. "At your leisure, boy."

He punctuated those words with a thrust of his cock and Tommy spilled over Brian's hand, crying out his pleasure, leaving him limp and satisfied as Brian tightened his hold on his hips.


The feel of Brian's fingers digging into his hips was intoxicating, but not as heady as how it felt when Brian shuddered through his own orgasm, shooting his seed deep into Tommy's body. The thrill of it, the release of feeling Brian pulse inside him made Tommy want to laugh and shout at the same time.

Brian draped himself over Tommy's back until they'd both caught their breath. Brian handed Tommy some wate,r and when they'd drunk their fill, he hustled them into their bed.
He kissed Tommy's temple, and Tommy curled his hand against Brian's waist.




The End

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