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Prompt #084: Howl
Title: Overhead the Moon is Beaming
Pairing/Characters: Adam/OMC (Silas)
Rating (Word Count): PG (100)
Warning(s): Werewolves
Author's notes: Part of my ongoing Adam/Silas series.

“You don’t have to be afraid of the moon anymore,” Silas says, leading Adam out onto the moonlight-bathed porch.

Adam knows, but his skin still prickles despite Silas’ firm grip on his shoulders.

“Shift for me,” Silas says, his claws sharp against Adam’s skin, the scent of Alpha overpowering.

Adam obeys. Only the moon will know, and the moon keeps her secrets.

Silas howls and Adam can’t help but join. It’s exhilarating in a way that sets his heart racing as he presses close to his Alpha.

He never would have thought being owned could make him feel this free.
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