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Title: Upside Down and Right Side Up
Pairing/Characters: Tommy
Rating (Word Count): PG-13 (3x100)
Warning(s): none
Author's notes: Thanks to @leela_cat for the preread. So I guess this prompt wasn't done with me, lol. Just a little snapshot of Tommy's everyday life away from the studio.

5th in my PornStarTJR 'verse, which includes: 1) The Audition, 2) The Tour, 3) First Day Jitters & 4) Cherry … Popped.

You can find the series in its entirety at AO3.


When Tommy heard the loud knock at his door, he tensed up and sucked in a sharp breath, knowing immediately that it was Greg, his landlord. No one else knocked quite that forcefully.

It took a full five seconds of sitting frozen in place on his couch, afraid to move, afraid to even breathe for fear Greg would hear him before he remembered the money burning a hole in his pocket.

Feeling foolish and more than a little relieved, Tommy exhaled and stood. Crossing the room, he opened the door and nearly laughed at the surprised expression on Greg's face.


Greg recovered quickly. "You're a week and a half behind on rent."

"Yeah, sorry about that, man," Tommy said, pulling out his wallet.

Just as promised, he'd gotten paid within two days of letting Adam fuck him on camera. After signing up for direct deposit at the studio, Tommy had taken his check and gone directly to the bank with it.

Greg accepted the money and wrote out a receipt from a pink pad he pulled out of his pocket.

Handing it to Tommy, he eyed him carefully. "Are you going to disappear again in two and a half weeks?"


An excuse was on the tip of Tommy's tongue before it hit him that he didn't need one. He was scheduled to do a scene tomorrow, and another one a few days after that. He had steady work that paid well.

Smiling, Tommy said, "I'll have it on time."

"Good," Greg said, expression cautiously optimistic. "See you then."

After closing the door, Tommy leaned back against it and took a deep breath. For the first time in forever, the knot twisting his stomach because of his money troubles unwound and he felt something strange spread through him.

Something like … hope.


Continued here: Lust By Proxy

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