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Prompt #016: Midnight Secrets  
Title: Midnight ritual
Author: Leela ([personal profile] leela_cat)
Pairing/Characters: Tommy/OMC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10x100
Content/Warning(s): BDSM
Author's notes: Written for [community profile] glam_100, prompt #016: Midnight Secrets. For @zoodlemouse13, who picked the prompt and the pairing. Many thanks to @MyPrivateAffair and @aislinntlc for the preread.

On nights like tonight, when his need has crested beyond his ability to pretend, Tommy waits until after midnight before leaving. His destination is a quiet house at the end of a very long, unpaved, and rutted road off Topanga Canyon.

He uses his own key to open the front door and taps in the alarm code before the security system can go off.

His keys, wallet, phone, and a handful of picks go into the bowl beside the door. His shoes and socks are left neatly beside the table.

Then he walks barefoot through the house to the den.

Tommy hovers in the door, feeling awkward, his need exposed. When Kai raises his head and smiles at him, Tommy turns and walks up the circular stairs, around and around, through the bedroom, to a large room at the top of the house.

Light from the full moon floods the room through floor to ceiling windows. Starlight comes in through the glass roof and seems to reflect back up from the floor.

Without hesitating, Tommy goes to the small mat in the center of the room and kneels. He places his hands behind his back, bows his head, and waits.

Kai's hand is gentle on the back of Tommy's neck.

"They cut into me," Tommy says when he can't resist any longer, "with their words and demands. I just want to hide, watch the world go by without me."

The rub of Kai's thumb against Tommy's nape lets Tommy know he won't get away with that.

"I've got a gig tomorrow night, and a rehearsal on Saturday. And then a studio session and another gig. Only one with Adam." Tommy takes a ragged breath. "I can't... fuck, I don't even remember how to play. It's there, but it's so lost."

The panic that's almost choking Tommy eases when Kai slides his fingers into Tommy's hair and yanks back, almost painfully, and turns Tommy's head.

The bed is small but comfortable, made up with nothing but a pillow and a sheet, gleaming white in the darkness.

At a signal from Kai, Tommy rises with only a little awkwardness and walks over to the bed. He takes his clothes off with little ceremony and leaves them neatly folded on the dresser. Then he crawls on the bed and lies down on his back in the middle with his hands over his head.

The cuffs are heavy leather, lined with soft flannel. They fit around Tommy's wrists and ankles as if they were made for him. Steel chains connect his wrists to the bedhead, drawing his arms wide, giving him an anchor.

He bites his lip, then stops when Kai taps his chin.

"Please," Tommy says.

Leaning down, his long dark hair falling over Tommy's face, Kai kisses him. Tommy opens up, lets him in, and then kisses back. It's a promise, a claiming, and Tommy gives it all.

He surges upward, biting at Kai's lip, only to still when Kai pulls back.

Tommy's complaints die when he sees the understanding in Kai's green eyes.

Kai cups Tommy's unshaven cheeks, slides a blindfold over Tommy's eyes. He touches every inch of skin. Goosebumps follow in the wake of his gentle caresses, sending shivers down Tommy's spine.

"Fuck," Tommy whispers. "I can't. Please?"

The slap on Tommy's hip echoes around the room, shocks through Tommy, drags a moan from him. The second slap is harder, more intense, repeated again and again.

The pinpoint of heat becomes a steady beat of pain, resonating through Tommy's pelvis, curling around his dick, leaving him hard and wanting.

The mattress bounces slightly as Kai settles between Tommy's legs. The first scratch of Kai's uneven nails on the inside of Tommy's thighs makes Tommy hiss and spread his legs wider, opening up, inviting Kai in.

The second scratch has Tommy curling his hands around the chains, holding on.

There's another scratch, then a bite, and a kiss so gentle that tears prick the insides of Tommy's eyelids.

He falls into the feeling, into the pain and the comfort, never knowing which will come next. The voices that have been fucking with his head are quieting, banished by Kai's touch.

Kai's fingers are long, strong, and slick with lube. They press into Tommy, stretching him, filling him. Then Kai pulls out and plays with the rim of Tommy's hole. He tugs on the edge of the muscle and presses into it with his nails.

It's so fucking exactly what Tommy needs that a sob catches in his throat. His hands automatically flex on the chains, relaxing and then tightening again until the steel links bite into his fingers and palms.

When Kai enters Tommy with a single thrust, bottoming out, Tommy's legs fall even further open and Tommy comes undone.

Each time Kai rocks into him, Tommy gives a little more over to Kai, letting Kai take what he wants, letting Kai give him what he needs.

There are no words, no music except the sounds made by their bodies, no beat except the rhythm of Kai's thrusts.

The song, though, twines between them and through them. It's every feeling that's building inside Tommy, cresting up and up, until Kai slides a hand between them and gives Tommy's dick a single harsh tug.

With that, orgasm pulses over him in a spiral of notes and darkness wraps itself around him.

When Tommy opens his eyes, he's been released from the cuffs and cleaned up. He's cradled in Kai's arms, being warmed by Kai's body and the blanket wrapped around them.

Unable to find words for his happiness, Tommy tucks Kai's hair behind his ear.

Kai responds with a nod, signing a slow, clear Any time.

There's water afterward, and food Kai hand-feeds to Tommy.

Even later, Tommy kisses Kai and, before he can change his mind, says, "Come see me play."

The startled joy in Kai's eyes, the way he holds Tommy's hand to his chest, follow Tommy into sleep.

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